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Floor Finishes


Enviro-Chem™ Armor Tech Floor Finish

Armor Tech is a water emulsion rock hard 25% solids floor finish, that is composed of non-yellowing acrylic ter-polymers which have been plasticized to give extreme durability and water resistance. It can be used on stone, terrazzo, resilient tile floors. High gloss, exceptional durability.
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Enviro-Chem™ Everglades Zinc Free UHS Floor Seal/Finish

An environmentally preferable Zinc-free floor seal and finish formulated with the most advanced polymer technology. Meets today's need for a product that contains no zinc or other heavy metals that can be harmful to wastewater treatment systems. This low odor finish has exceptional durability and flexibility and can be maintained with scrub and recoat procedures, spray buffing or high speed burnishing. This product meets Green Seal's environmental standard for industrial and institutional cleaners based on its reduced human and aquatic toxicity and reduced smog production potential. GS-40.
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Enviro-Chem™ Premier XL-25 Double Solids Floor Finish

Am economical high solids, high quality, metal interlock, dri-brite, thermoplastic acrylic co-polymer floor finish. Easy to use, easy to repair, excellent durability and high gloss.
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Enviro-Chem™ Super Gloss Floor Finish 25%

Produces a very high gloss without buffing, resists scuffs, scratches and powdering. Super Gloss Floor Finish is slip resistant, fast drying, detergent resistant, and can be spray buffed or high speed burnished.
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