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Multi Purpose Liquid


Enviro-Chem™ H2O2 Oxy-Chem Peroxide Based Cleaner - Gal

H2O2 Oxy-Chem is an environmentally responsible concentrated formulation that combines the oxygen activated cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide, natural orange oil and wetting agents to yield a truly remarkable, biodegradable, multi-surface cleaner and deodorizer. This product meets the Green Seal™ environmental standard for industrial and institutional cleaners based on its reduced human and environmental toxicity and reduced volatile organic compound content.  CASE
Alternate #ECH2O21

Enviro-Chem™ Unique Neutral Cleaner

EnviroChem's Unique special-blended, active formulation can be utilized as a general purpose neutral cleaner. This product is a hard-working, emulsifying detergent with optical brightener which will not haze or deposit undesirable residue. Unique will remove a wide range of varied soils, leaving a pleasant fragrance in the air.
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