E-Mist® EM360™ BackPack System

E-Mist® EM360™ BackPack System

Item # EBEM360BPB

  • Disinfect your facilities better, easier and more economically. You can apply disinfectant solution to high-touch surfaces with precision.
  • One person can disinfect an entire room in seconds
  • Disinfect up to 54,000 square feet in an hour
  • Electrostatic spray system
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The unique application technology ensures that disinfectant can achieve the optimum dwell time to kill according to the label. And with no wiping, there's no threat of cross-contamination. In total, you'll drastically reduce labor and chemical costs. With fewer man-hours required to disinfect your facilities, you can reduce labor costs up to 45%. The precise deliver system requires far less disinfectant to do the job, so you can save up to 50% on chemical costs.


  • No wipe; spray and walk away.
  • Safer; Cordless and mobile.
  • Commercial, hospital-grade system.
  • Uses any water-soluble liquid.
  • Average 85 micron droplet size.
  • Weight: 25 pounds with liquid.
  • Average 2-hour continuous battery life.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • One year warranty.
  • Complete system: Wand, backpack, battery, charger, tank, pull cart, and user guide.
  • No electrical cord and extensions to plug and unplug or trip over. Just squeeze the trigger and go to work. Room-to-room and building-to-building, cover more space with greater chemical adhesion.
  • The handheld, trigger-activated applicator is made of impact-resistant, injection-molded composites. The proprietary fan, power supply and droplet charging assembly ensure simple, quiet operation.
  • The BackPack System: Wand, backpack, battery, charger, tank, harness, toe strap, and user guide.
  • SanoTech 360[TM] Certified.